Vogue Dressage, with optional suede seat and dec. stitching
Elliminates Pinching, Bridging, and Restriction of Movement!!!
No more expensive refittings and reflockings!

The Fhoenix offers unrivalled comfort to both horse and rider,
combining the best 'fits-all' flexibility and characteristics of a treeless
saddle, self adjusting to the fit of almost any horse, but with the
rider support of a treed saddle. The best of both worlds!
We have searched through the many top dressage models out there and this was the
most comfortable for the horse and rider, as well as the best fitting.   It truly molds to the
shape of both horse and rider, while (in contrast to custom made saddles that have a
rigid tree) remaining flexible to adjust to the movement of the horse and development of
his musculature.  This virtually elliminates the need for refitting the saddle as the horse's
musculature develops with age and training.  The saddle also never needs reflocking due
to the special foam in the panels.

The Fhoenix puts the rider in the best position we have seen with any saddle, with the
perfect vertically aligned upper body, pelvis and long draping leg and thigh.  It makes the
position that so many dressage riders struggle to achieve,
Fhoenix Vogue Dressage, in Brown
Vogue Dressage, with suede and dec.
Vogue GPT
Vogue GPS
Vogue GPT, with dec. stitching
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Vogue Dressage with all Soft Italian
leather, no dec. stitching
Standard Dressage, with
Latex Topper
Fhoenix  SoftTree Saddles
Custom lower cantle GPT in Cognac
Vogue Cognac GPS
Vogue GPT Suede Knee
And Introducing the Iberica
Now available for trial!

Same Seat shape, stirrup bar position, and panels as the Vogue Dressage, but with a wonderful stylized
Iberian inspired cut and detailed stitching, excellent for dressage or to ride any Iberian horse in style!